Andrea Heuston at Artitudes Design

Artitudes is a full-service graphic design firm that focuses primarily on executive and conference presentations, but also works with a variety of clients. The company offers services ranging from presentation design, motion graphics, and graphic design. This is the story of how Andrea, the CEO, pivoted her business and began offering “virtual events in a box” by leveraging her existing customer base and encouraging them to embrace the new normal.

Artitudes Design was started in 1995 with a dream and a $5,000 loan from my grandmother. I used the money to purchase a Macintosh computer and my business cards.”Letter from the CEO, Andrea Heuston


An exclusive interview with Andrea revealed a closer look at her experiences in past recessions. With 50% of her business in event planning, lost in a few months because of the pandemic, and learning from her experience in 2008, Andrea knew how important it was to pivot her business. As a full graphic design firm specializing in executive and conference presentations, Andrea offered her clients a new solution. She pivoted her business to offer virtual event planning services that aim to help clients plan, set up, and manage their virtual events. Andrea leveraged her existing client base and connections to inform them of this new service and directly communicated her value proposition to state why her firm is different. She claims that this move has been what really helped her business stay afloat. Lastly, she also discovered that offering pay cuts instead of laying off employees can really help build the company’s culture during a tough time.