Cole Palea at Novo Painting

Novo Painting works with commercial and residential clients on painting–and more recently–safe space disinfecting services. They have worked with “projects of various sizes, and work with homeowners, designers, facility managers, real estate agents, and property managers.” Some of his notable clients include Seattle Art Museum, Madrona Real Estate, Pike Place Market, Chihuly Glass Garden, Museum of Flight, and more!

“I am committed to creating authentic relationships with clients, employees, and the community, and excited to develop new connections everyday. Sustainability in the built environment has been a core value of mine throughout my career. My work in latex paint stewardship has evolved over the past few years and continues to move forward.” – About Novo Painting, Cole Palea, CSBA

Through focusing on his community and his entrepreneurial spirit, Cole is optimistic that his business will come out stronger after this pandemic. He has recently pivoted his services and began offering safe space disinfecting services, in addition to his regular paint services, as he saw a rise in demand. He believes that “in a world filled with fear and uncertainty due to COVID-19, [Novo Painting] wants to help [clients] provide a renewed sense of safety and peace of mind.” Cole also shared a lot about how his community came together to support each other through this pandemic. He talked about how important it was to his business to have a presence in the community, sharing an anecdote on how his recycling paint program helped him connect with more clients, as a result. In addition, he mentioned how he was focusing on being an anchor for his employees, by providing them with the support that they needed to get through this pandemic. Cole is positive that through the positive feedback and response he has seen from other businesses coming together, cross collaborating, and supporting their fellow neighboring small businesses, that his community and the wider Seattle will recover from Covid-19 more resilient than ever before.