Pacific CM

Pacific CM focuses on providing quality control inspection and construction management services throughout the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest. They have taken on partnerships with notable firms such as KPFF, Heery, and Clark Construction. By rethinking the nature of work in the COVID – 19 work environment, Pacific CM was able to drastically cut overhead while maintaining true to the company’s overall mission. 

“Our goal is to ensure that every project will be completed to the client’s satisfaction. We take pride in the fact that our subject matter experts are some of the best in the area. As a small business, Pacific CM strives to support the surrounding local communities by hiring local employees and teaming with fellow small businesses whenever possible.” – Pacific CM Website

As social distancing guidelines were mandated on the federal and state level, Pacific CM re-thought the nature of their work. As a construction management company, Pacific CM offered consulting and inspection services in fields as diverse as the electric, concrete, gas, welding, oil, structural, and military industries. As they transitioned to remote work, Pacific CM was able to find substantial savings in overhead as office utilities and travel expenses were reduced due to employees working from home and physical assets normally used in services were divested from the company. In addition, they were able to negotiate their service and lease providers to more favorable terms, such as opting in a 3-month lease agreement rather than one for 5 years. Their 100% equity financing structure allowed them great flexibility to meet the challenges imposed by COVID-19.